Generations of Beauties

When I began doing esthetics over 15 years ago, I wasn’t sure where the journey would take me.

I wasn’t sure if financially it was a good idea, if there would be enough clients to fill my appointment books, if I had made the right decision in the location I chose to start my business, if the sacrifice of time and energy would be worth the effort, I had so many apprehensive thoughts. But the one thing I had no doubt about was my passion to make people feel good.

I remember the first facial I received. I had to ask the esthetician what she was called….I was laying there getting my facial thinking…..Whatever this is….I have to do this for people. She told me she was an esthetician, I couldn’t say it or spell it but I wanted to be one.

I set my plan in action and approximately 1 year later, I was making the “leap of faith” Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most lovely people. Today I thought I would send gratitude to clients who are generational. I got Grandmas, Mommas, sisters, daughters, aunts and cousins. It’s such an absolutely beautiful gift. Each and every one of them brings joy into my life. Sometimes the uncertainties of the journey can make for the most humbling of destinations. Life is sweet.


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