Jennesthetics is a blog centered around my experiences as a licensed esthetician. I hope you find my thoughts useful, helpful, and entertaining.

Blemish Control

Clear skin=Clear mindClear It is a blemish control gel that targets bacteria and helps regulate oil production. Colloidal sulfur fights breakouts while Allantoin calms irritation. Lemon helps control oil which prevents new blemishes! Clear It is 100% vegan for our ever aware clients and is also free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, dyes or…

A Tribute

I wasn’t sure what blogging meant. When my son explained that it was like journal entries that are shared, I was so excited. Journaling was familiar and therapeutic. As I write this blog about my Dad, I find that the feelings of familiarity and comfort encase my soul. Heaven gained a very strong man a…

Silver Linings

This year has sure been a whirl-wind. Throughout my life, I have had certain years that make more of an impact than others. The year I turned 14 and was able to wear make-up, seems insignificant now but at the time, it was huge. The year I turned 16 and was able to drive. It…

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