Silver Linings

This year has sure been a whirl-wind. Throughout my life, I have had certain years that make more of an impact than others. The year I turned 14 and was able to wear make-up, seems insignificant now but at the time, it was huge. The year I turned 16 and was able to drive. It was awesome. Turning 18 and being able to vote. I really felt like an adult.

I have lots of memorable “years.” Getting married, the year of each of my children’s birth. Each year they moved away from home, and the year when they came back. Grandchildren’s births. My husband’s battle with cancer….his survival, his strength. As those years come and go, I remember thinking, now that’s one for the books….good, bad, sad, frustrating, whatever the case. Then time passes and the years get all scrabbled and new memories are created , new trials, new joys, new experiences, sometimes my breath gets taken away, but more than not, my life gets enriched. Even through difficult times, there is ALWAYS a silver lining.

In this day of instant gratification, when we don’t see that silver lining quick, we may think that the world is out to get us or that the universe is crumbling….seeing the silver lining takes time, reflection, and patience. That road is longer and less traveled but it’s such a rewarding journey. The journey when seeking the silver-lining, helps me see hidden treasures. Treasures come in lots of forms. The other day my husband sent me a picture of our granddaughter asleep on his belly. On another occasion my daughter brought me lunch even though her schedule was very hectic. My sons and their wives have volunteered to take dinner into their grandparents. My client brought me flowers as a welcome back when our covid restrictions to close were lifted. We experienced the most magnificent sunset that lit the sky into beautiful colors of orange and red and purple. Silver linings….sought-out hidden treasures. Our world is sprinkled with them. I am grateful for trials that make me stronger for having endured them. I am grateful for silver-linings when it seems darkest. I am thankful for speed bumps that slow me down and for friends and family that lift when I feel defeated. I’m also thankful for peanut M&Ms. There, I said it….chocolate fixes everything!!!!


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