Corrective Chemical Peels

Many clients are apprehensive about receiving chemical peels. They may have heard that they hurt, that peels only treat wrinkles or that they leave you red and irritated.

These are myths when it comes to PCA chemical peels, which are the ones I have chosen to use in my practice. The reality is that chemical peels increase cell turnover, they can improve and prevent most skin concerns, including discoloration, aging, and even acne.

Chemical peels leave you with a healthy glow, not irritated and bright red. Our concerns with this client’s skin was hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. I am a firm believer that we earn some of these fine lines and wrinkles. It proves that we endured trials and survived to tell about it. But hey, if we can soften and improve…..why not???? It’s nice to be refreshed!

We did a series of three PCA formulates chemical peels placed three weeks apart, followed by a micro needling session a month out from her last chemical peel. Her results are amazing, she stays out of the sun, has healthy eating habits and has a positive outlook on life. So important to happy, healthy, glowing skin. Thanks for letting me share your results❤️


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