Stay Cute

Many years ago I was hosting a bridal shower. One of the guests asked if her teenage daughter could come with her. I said “Sure, the more the merrier!”

During the shower we played the game where you go around in a circle and everyone gives the bride to be one piece of advice. I suddenly thought, what will our teenager have to offer up? We went around the room, everyone giving their “secret” to a happy forever union. The usual advice was forthcoming, “Always say I love you, don’t go to bed angry, always communicate” etc. My advice is always take the trash out even if it’s not your turn. Nothing makes me happier than an empty trash can!

It was the teenager’s turn….we all hushed our quiet conversations to see what advice would possibly come from someone who hadn’t experienced the speed bumps that come with marriage. She said something super simple but very profound, she said “stay cute!” Stay cute….we all laughed and agreed that that was great advice. I secretly started doing a self evaluation….sure, I looked cute today, I was hosting a bridal shower, but what about every other day. Did I do anything to make myself look or feel cute? From that day forward, I have to say that I made an effort to “stay cute” and that can mean different things to different people. For me it can range from trying a new shampoo to wearing pink on my toes. Shoot, some days all I can muster is brushing my teeth. Still a win!

Let’s talk about cutie pies, I have a large core of clients who are in their 70’s and 80’s. They are strong, valiant, courageous and cute! I enjoy seeing them very much. They have some pretty awesome tales to tell. I always feel a bit more wiser for having them in my life. Their experiences spread far and vast. I am like a sponge to their knowledge.

Once I learned that one of my dear client’s father was a prisoner in the WWII. When the War was over and he returned home he was so thin, he had almost starved to death. There was no food in Germany. So consequently, the prisoners weren’t fed on a regular bases. She said her dad never complained. He had grown up during the Great Depression so he knew all about being hungry. I stretched her hour facial out so that I could hear more about memories of her father. I am grateful for the opportunity my profession gives me to have associations with such colorful ladies. They remind me of beautiful truths such as family is important, God is good, be kind, refrain from talking in loud tones, hold your stomach in when you wash the dishes for healthy ab muscles, don’t take rides from strangers and wear a little lip stick when you leave the house. So very simple but very profound just like the advice to “stay cute.”


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