Scars Softened

Micro Needling is a perfect way to smooth and lighten scar tissue. Scars can occur from numerous sources and acne is often one of the concerns my clients come in with. The client above in particular had a tummy tuck. Although she was very happy with her results, the scarring seemed heavy and discolored. In some areas you can see skin “puckering”. We began the Needling treatments as soon as her Dr cleared her. I believe successful results depend a lot on timing.

Older scar tissue will require more sessions because the skin will have developed a toughness. A fresh newer scar will respond quickly to the the process of cell turnover. Think of when we were younger and how quickly we could recover from a minor injury, whether it was falling off our bike or a knife cut during dinner prep. The cell turnover was faster when we are young. Everything is faster and works better when we are young. As we age, things slow down. It’s called aging and we begin that process the second we are born. So the sooner we can start treatment on scars the better, but know that even old scars, especially when dealing with acne scaring, can almost be diminished completely. The above picture is of the left side of her abdomen incision. The results show remarkable improvement! Below is her belly button. This bothered her a lot. As you can see, Micro Needling is very effective. She loves her new scar free little belly button. I used a needle cartridge with a 32 count needle. It seems to work better on larger more intense scarring situations, like tummy tucks and deep scarring issues. I always follow needling with corrective serums ranging from vitamin C to retinol. I hope this gives those of you some hope who may have some scarring issues. There is help out there!!!

The picture above is after three Micro Needling sessions.


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