Essential Oils….

I use essential oils everyday, whether it’s for skincare concerns, emotional concerns or health concerns. Sometimes, it’s just for fun, like in my Lemon ricotta pancakes.

Today I would like to highlight Tuel’s Calm blend for sensitive/reactive skin. This oil blend also aids in the calming of rosacea. Rosacea flares can be brought on by many things, including but not limited to, heat (mainly sun exposure), alcohol, stress and even spicy foods. When rosacea flares, your skin turns red or bright pink….it is pleading for help. I have found that this oil blend called Calm, immediately delivers relief. It is my favorite essential oil to use during the warmest of summer days and the coldest of winter days. One of the main ingredients is chamomile oil. Chamomile oil is derived from its flower. I included the link to Tuel’s skincare Line for more informative information. Enjoy!


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