Home Regimens

Having healthy and happy skin doesn’t always have to be attached to expensive treatments and loads of products. Sometimes, it can be simple. Discipline is the key (plus advice from your trusted esthetician) of course.

This sweet client is a waxing client. This particular time when she came in for her wax, her skin was really misbehaving. It was hard for me to stay focused on her waxing session because her skin was so irritated. I would have loved to do a facial for her but our time was limited. Her life was a whirlwind. She has her little clan she was caring for on her own, and her husband was yet on another deployment. We had little time to make improvements. Her husband was actually coming home soon!!! She was open to any suggestions that may help. She purchased Tuel’s Stop Being Sensitive antioxidant cleanser and PCA’s Clinicalm. She is busy as I stated before. She really doesn’t have time for lots of skincare “steps” so I had to be pretty selective in her options.

Her skin began clearing up within two days! She was very diligent in her simple routine and that made all the difference. I also suggested she refrain from being directly in the sun and to try to get in some relaxing time. She is such a beautiful lady. She sacrifices a lot having her husband serve this country, she deserves all the kudos in the world! BOOM!


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