Loving Esthetician Life

The family that facials together, stays together.

My daughter Hannah, upon graduating her senior year, decided that she would like to join the world of esthetics. I was so excited! She completed her esthetician certification not long after graduation and came to work with me. I was a bit nervous about us working together. She is very independent and I am very not. My love language is words of affirmation and hers is not. I really don’t know what her love language is. She is that independent….she doesn’t need a love language. She rolls with whatever is thrown at her and usually bounces back with more strength and determination. She has more courage and confidence in her little finger than I have in my whole body. When she first started seeing clients, a few of my clients offered to have their services done by Her so she could get some experience under her belt. I would tell her a little about the clients she would be seeing, their likes….their dislikes etc. and I would tell her how important the clients were to me and that I loved them and that she needed to be kind and gentle, that we never know what that may be going through blah blah blah….I’m imagining that is what was going through her head as I repeated the same thing to her every time she saw one of my clients.

One day she said “Mom, you say the same thing about all your clients, that you love them to be nice to be gentle” I realized that I was repeating that same thing to her time after time. As I reflected, it struck me strongly of how much I valued my clients. To call them clients almost seemed insulting. These were my friends, my sweet and vulnerable and kind friends. How blessed I am to have this profession where everyday I get to hear about valiant woman who love their families, who work hard, who sacrifice so much, some who stumble and get back up, whose hearts get broken only to love again. It’s absolutely so humbling and so very very rewarding.

A few months after Hannah joined me in the ranks of skincare and the such (her passion is lash extensions) she told me that she understood my passion for my clients. She said, “It’s so easy to love these women.” Everyone has a story, everyone is on a journey, sometimes the road is smooth and sometimes it’s filled with speed bumps and pot holes. There is a little quote that floats around out there:

“On the darkest days when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter i am and I straighten my Crown!”

I always tell my clients that my facial room is a safety zone, no judgement, for we all have days when our crown needs straightening. Standing strong and supporting each other is very important to Hannah and I. We may have our stressful moments but I am thankful for her strength when I am weak and for her light when It seems dark. I am thankful that she values her clientele as I do mine, that in conversation we rarely call our clients, clients…we usually refer to them as our friends. What a complete joy it is to be able to talk of a profession I love to my daughter whom I adore.



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