It can drive you CrAzY!

One of the most common skincare concerns is acne. Whether it’s puberty, hormones, stress, diet or genes….acne can just about drive clients to the edge of insanity. This may seem like extremely over-reactive language but for someone suffering with acne, this isn’t an exaggeration. This client (who I adore) I mean, look at the pictures she allowed me to use below. She had an acne flare up. The inflammation causes pain, the clogged pores get infected, the bacteria builds up and the stress level Sky rockets. If the skin reaches this point and my clients are beyond frustration, a deep cleansing facial is essential! My first goal is to calm the inflammation, second, is to extract, third is to heal, and finally to protect. It’s definitely a process. Unfortunately, controlling acne isn’t an overnight process. It takes patience, time and dedication to a regular skincare regimen. Oh, and more than likely a change in the diet. No dairy folks; Yogurt, Cheese, Milk, or Ice cream.

Now lets talk about eggs. So I realize eggs aren’t dairy, but these days our chickens are pumped with artificial hormones so that they lay bigger and more abundant eggs 🥚. Those artificial hormones are passed on during consumption, therein lies the problem. I will also recommend an increase of water (at least 8 cups a day) and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a healing/protecting agent and there is no worry in over doing this vitamin. Your body takes what is needed and you pee out what’s not. I suggest at least 500mg daily. I LOVE talking skin!!!!

Getting back to this particular client. We will call her Angry Acne Lady, two weeks after her initial deep cleanse facial we did a Clarify Mask from PCA. Now this mask is INTENSE and effective. It is a salicylic acid based treatment and it snaps that PH level right back where it belongs! We will blog more about that on another day 🙂 needless to say Angry Acne Lady is on the mend and now she is Super Skin lady and her facial expression has changed drastically.

On a serious note, here are before and after photos of her skincare journey. Her next scheduled treatment will be a micro needling. I’m so happy for her. All her hard work paid off!



  1. Thank you Jennifer for always doing an amazing job on my facials. You have always been so patient and gentle, always helping my skin heal and look super healthy.


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