Pore Management

Pores🤔Pores🤔Pores🤔I have a theory about pores….first off….they are real, second….we all have them and third….what you are born with, you have to live with. Now a pore can be congested which will make it appear larger. When a pore is congested, it is being stretched out with oil, dirt and free radicals that have settled. Also age and sun damage will cause the elastin to be weakened. When this happens, our skin droops and will make our pores appear bigger because they are being pulled down by gravity. (To put it nicely.)

Good news!!!! A deep cleansing facial can unclog those pesky pores. Once the pores are clean they go back to their “normal” size. In the case of age or sun damage, repair needs to happen. Micro needling is the best treatment followed by corrective serums. Super awesome! Elastin is strengthened, therefore pores will spring back! I like to remind my clients that big healthy pores are a blessing. Oil is produced by your pores therefore if you have lots of pores you won’t have many fine lines or wrinkles. Those of us who suffer with small pores will undoubtedly have the battle of fine lines and wrinkles merely because we don’t have the nice natural oil production happening.

Guess what????? We always want what we don’t have 😉 the secret is to manage the over or under oil production with good products. Start young and stay out of the sun!!!! I appreciate my clients who let me share their skincare experiences. This before and after really shows a difference in pore size after a micro needling session, these pictures are about 8 weeks apart.


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