An Esthetician’s Superhero

A new client is a gift! Fresh skin!!! A challenge sometimes, but more often then not….a gift. Especially, if it’s their first facial. Today I will make my entry short…it’s a busy day. But something so sweet happened, I gotta share. Before I begin my facials, I do a quick meet and greet. I like to assume that during their facials, they would like to relax. Chit chat may or may not be on their mind. So let’s get it out before the lights go dim. With a new client I have protocol I follow, but that’s for another day. My clients are provided a gown to wear. I will instruct clients (those who have never had a facial) how to put the robe on. The robe goes under your armpits and snaps in the front…..I leave the room, let them get undressed so they can slip into the bed, and return after a quiet knock asking if they are ready. Routine routine routine….but today I got a special treat!!!! My sweet client hadn’t climbed into bed yet. She was sitting on the edge of the bed with her gown draped across her shoulders like a cape. She was distraught and felt something didn’t feel right. How could I ever correct her error??? I was moved and thought about the phrase “Not all superhero’s wear capes” and there will be a picture of a mom or a nurse or a teacher under the caption. I told her she was perfect! I repeated the superhero quote and asked if I could adjust her cape a little? ( I had to so I could get to her neck and décolleté) it was a lovely experience for the both of us. How grateful I am for simple moments in time when I am reminded that superheros come in all different forms, under lots of different circumstances, and more importantly….they need some TLC. She left glowing. And she left ME glowing as well.

My father in-law and his cape. He served in the Korean War. An organization called Quilts of Valor, make these amazing quilts and present them to veterans. My father in-law draped his across his shoulders and I thought it was something beautiful to capture.


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