Body Peel Treatment

This treatment is designed to even skin discoloration, brighten tones and smooth texture.
This Smoothing Body Peel is done on areas of the body such as legs, arms, chest, hands and feet. The ingredients are powerful yet skin-friendly. After a quick cleanse a pre-peel mask is applied, the mask softens the skin prepping it for the actual peel. After 10 minutes the mask is removed and up to two layers of the peel is applied. I use a fan brush to apply the peel. Once the peel dries, I apply lots of corrective serums ranging from pigment gels to hyaluronic acid.

In the esthetic world there is a naughty word that gets thrown around. It’s called crepe-ing. I don’t even think it’s a “real” word but it’s when your skin puckers instead of being smooth.

I remember when I was a little girl I used to pull on my Grandma D’s arm skin. It stretched away from her bones like silly putty. As a little girl, I thought this was super cool. She would say “ One day you will be able to pinchy-pull your own skin.” I was pretty excited about that notion. I could entertain myself. Fast forward 50 years…. I was delusional! Having skin that stretches and crepes is not as cool when you have it going on as when it’s on your grandma!

These results are approximately 3 weeks apart. As the skin continues to rejuvenate, the intended results will be achieved. Thanks to my sweet client for allowing me to share her results!


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