Skin on Fire

Sometimes we can’t explain when our skin goes berserk….no change in meds, no change in diet, no career moves or relocations taking place. We aren’t really stressed…it’s just our skin being mean. It’s really annoying when it’s on our face. Why on earth, when our skin wants to be angry does it usually happen on our faces, why can’t it be on our bellies or our backs somewhere we can cover while we try to figure out how to calm it down. That would be too easy!

My beautiful client upon her visit, really needed some calming of inflammation. Inflammation causes pain and if we could do nothing else for her on this visit, we were gonna calm down the inflammation. I did a superficial cleanse with the Tuel Calm antioxidant cleanser followed by a deep cleanse with their oil and toner cleansing duo. Second, I did a gentle enzyme treatment. An enzyme treatment will help balance PH levels. I skipped the routine facial massage and did a relaxing neck and shoulder massage as the Super Soothing Tuel mask sat and did it’s magic. Following the mask removal, I applied many corrective serums. Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and a rejuvenating serum. At the end of any facial we must finish by protecting all the work we did so last but not least…SPF 30 moisturizer. My client decided to begin a home regimen. We chose the antioxidant cleanser for reactive skin and the night moisturizer called Calm. I also advised a product called clinicalm from PCA. It is a more chemically based product line and is very effective.

I took a picture before the first facial. Four weeks later we did another facial, following the same protocol as the first and then my client sent me this photo two weeks later. These before and afters are six weeks apart. I am so proud of my client. It was rough going, she hadn’t experienced this skin condition before so she was very discouraged. Just seeing her after pictures and her smile….is worth a million words. Isn’t she beautiful!!!!


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