A Golden Nugget

I have an awesome friend who shared some words of wisdom with me. It went something like this:

Living in the past will more than likely bring up feelings of regret. Living in the future will more than likely make us feel anxious. If we can be in the present, we more than likely, will feel peace.”

I love love love this! It became as valuable to me as a gold nugget. The other day my granddaughter wanted me to go swimming with her. I have to be honest….my first thought was, darn, I just washed, dried and curled my hair this morning! Can you believe that? Who thinks that? (Wait….we all think that!) All I knew was, if we went swimming that whole hair ordeal was gonna have to happen AGAIN! Then I remembered my gold nugget. Be in the present. We went swimming!!!! After a short while my husband joined us, then my son and his wife along with our newest little granddaughter. They all came outside to see what perhaps they were missing with all our splashing and laughing going on. They didn’t say that, but that’s what I was thinking! That night during my gratitude prayer I whispered many thanks for the small hands of a granddaughter who wanted to swim with her Gammy, for eternal families, for health, for the coolness of water, and for moments of laughter. I had no regrets, no anxiousness…just peace!



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